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The Best Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is an online communication mode of sending and receiving emails, with the aim of advertising a product, service or business to current or potential customers.
Email is generally a short, compact message that's sent either unsolicited or solicited to a sender, usually via a social network site like Facebook. It's the electronic version of "word of mouth", a way to inform people about a business without having to make a personal contact.
  • The use of email marketing services has exploded over the past several years, as more people are relying on computers to communicate socially, which means that there is an ever greater requirement for marketers to create and deliver messages in this format.

  • While there are many different aspects of email marketing services, the most crucial aspect is probably getting started, because if no one at all starts emailing you back, you will not be able to test market your product or service, and it won't help that much to get your business off the ground.

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The first step is to write a short introductory email, which can be done simply using a word processor, and asking potential customers to 'try out our free product', so they can get a feel for us and what we do.
Marketing Strategy
It's important to write brief, effective introductory emails - it can be as long as one page, but it must give a firm impression of who you are, what products or services you offer, and why people should get to know you better.
Tracking & Reporting
From this point forward, you should send seven to ten emails a week - send emails that specifically relate to your business, that will help them learn more about you and what you offer.
Template Design
If you’re looking to add email marketing to part of your integrated online marketing program, ‘Gravigo’ team of results-driven professionals who can work with you to deliver a customer-eccentric program.
Marketing Campaigns
Once you have a good reputation established, it's best to stick with it by constantly improving on your website, other social media pages and emails, and always being willing to update your site and your communications with your clients and customers.

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The best email marketing services will let you do this all, as part of their services, so take full advantage!
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